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My name is Gosia Tojza and I have lived in North Carolina for seventeen years. The years were full of discoveries and one of them was to capture nature and its beauty on canvas. I will always paint for the love of goodness, beauty and integrity. I lived in four countries and each taught me to appreciate the smallest things in life but how important. May your journey be simple and yet fulfilling"


It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That is very accurate if you receive a painting by Gosia Tojza. As with all great works of art, music and literature, those who were muses for Spirit blessed the world with their finished works. Imagine having the same opportunity with Gosia Tojza a woman with an amazing gift and talent of capturing the spiritual essence within and around each of us on canvas. We are all extensions of Spirit and as such we have a multi-dimensional facet to our very being. Having a channelled painting offers you the rare opportunity to see your uniquely divine spiritual essence through the eyes of such a gifted medium to Spirit. Just as the potter makes into form the beauty that surrounds him, so does Gosia in her ability to capture the essence of your spirit through her paintings."

~ Christmas Miller

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